Best Kissing Tips For Women: 10 Best Tips On How To Kiss A Man And Drive Your Him Wild

Best Kissing Tips

Being a good kisser is a trait every woman should have. Sensuous kissing leads to great sex, and great sex is what keeps your man attracted to you.

Too many of us let go of our kissing skills when we’re in a sexual relationship. But wait! Isn’t passionate kissing one of the main reasons you’re in a relationship in the first place?

Improving your kissing game is essential if you want the flames of love lit up for years. Sure, mind-blowing sex grabs his attention for the time being, but a tantalizing kiss will make him think of you all throughout the day!

Here are 10 ways you can turn a kiss into an unforgettable one:

1. Do Your Prep Work

Before you start with any kissing, you’ll want to make sure that you are at your best. We’re not talking about flossing and mouthwash here- we’re talking being presentable and looking your best physically!

Your lips should be soft and kissable. Apply some lip balm if your lips are prone to chapping. Apply lipstick to make it more enticing to your partner. Lipsticks can certainly add to the physical appeal, but make sure that it doesn’t get in the way via smudging and leaving marks all over your man.

2. Convey Your Intentions

You can take the direct route and do 2 things- either jump into his arms and start kissing him, or say that you want to kiss him right there and then in the sexiest way possible. But know that these could lead to embarrassing situations and it could kill the mood.

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Why not take the subtler, more mysterious approach?

Do this as you’re conversing with your man. Intentionally look away at his eyes and glance at his lips once or twice for a few seconds mid-conversation. Make it look like you want something else than talking with him. He’ll get the signal and move in for the kiss. Look out for the following signals- he’ll start leaning in towards you, which indicates he’s interested. He’ll copy your movement and start looking at your kissable lips as well. If he does any of these then you can be sure he wants some of the kissing action from you as well!
Kiss a guy

3. Give Up Control

Let your guy take control. If it’s his first time, then you should take the reins. Softly put your lips to his and wait for him to apply the pressure.

Resist the urge to pucker up or purse your lips. Don’t stiffen up because it will feel like he’s kissing a solid brick wall. The key is to stay soft and stay slightly open. Let him enjoy the softness and the delicate state of your lips. You should allow him to do most of the kissing work. Stay passive and allow your man to take the lead.


4. Soft, Slow and Intimate

Start the kiss slowly. Don’t rush through the first motions. Purse your lips as gently as you can when the contact comes. Massage your man’s lips gently with yours. Start working on the bottom lip and work your way upward to the top lip.

Add something special to the kiss. Slowly start to move your hand and place it gently on his shoulders, or place it right just under his arms. It’s an intimate move that serves to bring the both of you closer physically. It lets your man know that it’s perfectly fine for him to move in closer to your body and touch you right back.

When you place your hand under his arms or on the sides of his shoulders, it allows your guy to either hold your head against him to reinforce the kiss or wrap his arms around you.

5. K.I.S.S.

The rule of a good kiss is to keep it short and electrifying, unless both of you are extremely horny and in a private place. The situation should dictate the pace of the kiss. If there’s a feeling of love and affection in the air, take it very slow. The most memorable kisses are the ones that are very light and only lasts for a few seconds. Short, soft kisses are better than long ones. Break the sequence up by parting and looking into his eyes.

6. Parting Your Lips

The first lip to lip encounter should be soft and brief. Then, move in and allow the contact to linger for a second or two. Open up and create an opening between your upper and lower lips as a signal that you want your man to use some tongue whenever he’s ready.

7. Add Gentle Body Contact

Slight body contact will electrify the situation and steps the kiss up to something more intimate. It’s sexy and your man will love it! You’ll be able to turn him on without making it look like you’re an easy catch.

Do it like this- move closer as you kiss him gently. Slide your hands over to his back and come a bit closer. Your man instinctively does the same. The perfect kissing position is achieved when your chest and his come in slight contact whenever you’re in the act.

8. Keep Him Engaged

Simply focusing on the lips means you and your partner will be missing out on other erogenous zones. Switch things up and kiss him on the cheeks, or start the next kiss by nuzzling his neck or nibbling on his ear.


9. Using Your Hands

Leave your man wanting more by using your hands to great effect. Slowly slide your hand away from under his arms or his back, and move it sensually to his chest and shoulders. Feel the contours but keep the pressure light. The act brings the two of you physically closer, making it all the more intimate. Enjoy the kiss, but remember to enjoy the sensuous sensations of physical contact as well.

10. Give and Take

Each kiss is different, and there’s no golden rule to kissing. Take everything slow. Explore and learn how your partner kisses. Learn from the experience. The first few kisses are short, soft and intimate. Then, your bodies will move automatically and instinctively follow each other’s cue to form a perfect kissing style.

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