How To Keep A Man In Love With You: 6 Secret Ways To Keep Your Man Very Happy

How to keep a man in love with you

It is the dream of every woman to have a happy, long lasting relationship. However, relationships can get very complex. Many women make the mistake of paying too much attention or too less attention. Here are some of the tips which you should follow to keep a man interested in you:

1. Give him some Independence: Men always prefer to stay independent. It is part of their nature. Hence, you have to give him the independence which he craves. Make sure that his life doesn’t revolve around you. He may love you a lot, but it will really hurt when he looks back at his life and realizes that he has lost touch with all of his friends. He should have a good social life. Similarly, you should also focus on your life more. It will make you much happier and attractive.


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2. Don’t just keep on taking: Everyone knows that women loves to talk. However, there are many men who doesn’t prefer to talk so much and may get annoyed at you at some point of time. Hence, you should stay to stay silent sometimes. Staying silent will also make your man more curious and he will definitely want to find out why you suddenly stopped talking. And it will be also great if you learn a little bit more about his different interests. For example, if he loves baseball, then you will instantly become more attractive to him if you can engage him in a baseball conversation.

3. Don’t get too suspicious: Sometimes women tend to be too possessive with their boyfriends or husbands. Give him his space. Don’t get jealous when he talks to other girls. Similarly don’t be suspicious if he returns home late one day. If you start suspecting him for small things, then he will eventually get irritated. This is how most relationships get worse.

4. Try new things: If you feel that the relationship is getting boring and he is showing signs of disinterest, then it is time to try out something different. Move out of your comfort zone. Go on a hike or on an adventure trip with him. Once he sees that you are willing to try new things for him, then he will obviously get more attracted towards you.

5. Show some appreciation: Everyone deserves a pat on their back occasionally for their efforts. In order to make your relationship work, both of you must have definitely put in a lot of effort. Hence, it will be really great if you thank him for his efforts and hard work. Just a simple ” thank you” will be good enough. Or you can also take him to special dinner to show appreciation.

6. Never chase him: If you chase something too much, then it eventually runs away. This same principle applies to man as well. If he is staying away, then he probably needs some space of his own. When he sees that you are living happily without him, then he will eventually come back. You just have to be a bit patient.

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