How To Keep A Man Interested: What Women Need To Know To Avoid Dead-End Relationships

How To Keep A Man Interested


Every woman must know some basic things about men. Men are the creature who loves to have fun. They take the serious things lightly but the usual things very seriously. For example they do like to get rejected by a woman. Girls have a different vision about men. A girl expects a man to be with her in long run. On the other hand, men are more interested in physical attraction of ladies.


Every guy has their own version of what they find attractive. Some like blonde-haired women some prefer brown-haired women. Some guys like tall girls, while others prefer shorter ones. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. So, we are not going to discuss physical appearance anymore. If a guy likes the way a girl looks, it is easy to make the guy fall in love with you.

It is crucial and beneficial if you learn some of the tactics or tricks in order to snag your guy and keep him locked. This simply refers to the fact that in order to have a long-lasting relationship with the man you love; there are a few things or points that have to be considered wisely in order to keep the guy interested and hooked in you.


Tips on how to keep a man interested

1. Romance

Most men don’t like to admit that they like romance, but they do! This means they like things that most women are known for loving. This can include: home cooked dinners, love notes left in cute places, romantic poems and candles lit around a bubble bath. There are a lot of different romantic things women can do to keep her man filled with romance. It’s just important to not over-do this. Just the right amount will keep a man interested without being too smothered.

2. Emotions

Emotions are things that everyone has to deal with when they are in a relationship. Sometimes women can let theirs run wild, which can easily drive a man away. One of the best ways to keep a man totally in love is to keep extreme emotions under control. Generally this means not getting really angry about the small things and learning how to communicate. There are a lot of great communication tools that can be used to bring both people closer together.

3. Trust

One of the easiest ways to lose a man is to be too jealous and controlling. Constantly second guessing a partner and asking him what he is up to is going to make him angry and worn out. Trust is very important to a man and to the woman as well. If you are someone who has jealousy problems, learn how to trust the man you are in love with. This means letting him go out with his friends and not asking thousands of questions about what is going on.


4. Be Sexy and Confident

Confidence is extremely important for women to exert when they are in a relationship. If you know you look good but aren’t arrogant, your man will be turned on. He will enjoy not hearing you complain about not looking good in an outfit. You don’t have to say you look great all the time; you just need to feel good about yourself when you’re with him

5. Confidence

Self-confidence is the foremost attraction men find in women. They love and adore women who are confident and have a strong heart. Any woman who can stand on her feet and never fakes just to attract her men and who is natural is always liked by men. Expose your true nature with all flaws and weakness and just be your own true self. Men like women who are like this as they don’t like females who just move around to impress them by doing things their way. Whatever baggage you carry be comfortable with it and balance your life as a confident woman will truly help you keep a man interested.

6. Don’t be Cheap

Self-sufficient women are also great icons in the eyes of men. A man feels comfortable seeing a woman self sufficient and she may not be a big CEO or run a company for that. Even if she earns a meager amount and she can take care of herself very well, without depending on others then it sure will attract men to your side. Don’t expect him to pay for all dates and outings but offer him a dinner or host a date he will be thrown off his feet and will love you just for that. He will adore your self esteem and will value your friendship more. Though many men might not like it they will still love to be taken care of the bills once in a while and so impress him by your timely actions.

7. No Issues Please

Don’t talk about past relationship issues that failed into this new relationship. Men hate women who carry and bury themselves in the past. Empty your cup before refilling it with a new relationship and don’t forget to wipe your slate clean before the new man can write his love on it. Don’t compare or link the actions of your present boyfriend with that of your ex. Do not complain about his actions when he is late and don’t even mention that your ex too did the same. Men hate to even picture your ex and you together. So leave your ex behind before setting foot on this new man’s zone.


8. Be Yourself

Stay cool and be yourself when you meet someone for the first time. Try to show him your true nature and always don’t fake your character. Let him know from day one what kind of person you are and how you act and react to situations and events. Your individuality and carefree nature will make you more attractive in his eyes.

9. Enjoy together

Doing the things together also works as the best policy as far as knowing how to keep a guy interested in you is concerned. If your partner loves the activity of rock-climbing, it is the most useful of all tricks to ask the guy in case he can demonstrate his skills to you.

This will not only contribute in drawing his attention but to also win his good faith. Finding the appropriate activities that you both can enjoy together and take part in can actually make your bond all the more strong and further the guy’s appreciation and admiration of you.

10. Giving old routines a change

Changing the old routines and giving him the space to guess also works wonder in order to know how to keep a guy interested in you. Nothing makes a relationship stale and boring than the common predictability.

Your man may be the one among the lot who would like taking challenges in his life. Instead of talking to him at the same time every day, try to change the call timings. This will automatically raise his curiosity in you and let him hooked with you.

11. Keep yourself beautiful and stunning

Keeping oneself attractive and beautiful is another tactic that needs to be considered wisely in order to know how to keep a guy interested in you. It has been noted that a large number of girls who are in serious and long-lasting love relationships often finds it no longer essential to look great and purchase attractive clothes.

This negative point can sometimes take your guy away from you even if he loves you till the extent of infinity. It is essential to remember the point that guys always prefer to watch their girlfriends as beautiful and attractive.

In case you have been overlooking your make up or wardrobe, you should start considering the fact that no matter what, you need to look appealing and perfect even when you have found the perfect guy of your life.

12. Continue to flirt

Continuing the similar flirting activities that you people enjoyed in the first few years of your relationship will actually prove to be highly successful. Even when you have been in a relationship with the same person for a large number of years, it is always a great option to keep flirting and pep up your relationship with exciting moments.

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